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Thursday, 17 December 2009

80s Ebay

My current winter warmer obsession has moved from animal jumpers onto fabulous embellished 80s numbers!! I found these beauties on ebay and have since stumbled across an some amazing vintage ebay stores.

Ebay vintage shops

Friday, 4 December 2009

Bags and purses -Key shapes for Spring/Summer 10/11

Glass and acryllic are combined with metal for inspiration. Bags and purses will be unique and have smooth edges.These Topshop purses and unique and have a metallic and quirky edge.

Molten and Set
Inspiration is rougly molded plastic and liquid metals and blown glass.Starting from the top left this topshop purse shows the kind of marbled colours created from liquid glass. The Calvin Klein bag is a bright unusual colour and has a shiny and trnsluscent feel. The French connection bag has a mettalic feel and the asos bag underneath has interesting pleats which give it shape and texture.
Old and Worn
This trend has an old and vintage theme. The cameo purse shown on the left is from Topshop - the cameos reflect the vintage theme. There are two All Saints bags on the right (as they do the old and worn look so well anyway). The last bag has a big vintage rose corage and is from Karen Millen.

Sharp Edges
This trend is all about sharp and aggressive edges. These two karen Millen bags reflect this idea perfectly.

Regimented Decoration

This idea is to have embellishment and decoration that is symmetrical or orderly. Studs arent usually decorated with such an ordered manner making it an interesting idea. Metallic finishes are used with geometric shapes. The two bags on the right are from Topshop The bag below is a geometrically shaped bag from All Saints. The bags next to that are from ASOS.