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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Design Portfolio

I have recently handed in my final second year design project for marking after many pick and mix fuelled long days and evenings in the CAD (computer aided design) room. The project brief we were given was concerned with sustainability in fashion. After researching many different aspects of sustainability in fashion I decided to design ski-gear because polyester is now recyclable and turning it into fresh clothing instead of putting it into landfills is a great way of recycling a non-biodegradable material. Jackets in the collection are made from recylable polyester and fleece fabric can be created from recycled bottles. The collection is based on the concept of longevity with layering pieces such as trendy cable and fairisle knits used for a more trend based, fashionable edge. Pieces such as jackets and salopettes are designed to last forever and have removable and exchangable linings to freshen up each season. All undergarments favoured more for apres ski such as cotton and jersey t-shirts are 100% organic cotton. I decided to use CAD to create my designs because I am starting a Fashion placement as of Monday that requires the use of illustrator and I think the sleek and professional style of Spyder ski-gear will be reflected well by using computer design. I have also added certain details with Kaldeo style (another computer programme).

These are some examples of my flat drawings for the collection.

Bill Beckley

I have recently discovered the photographer Bill Beckley and his series of beautifully captured flowers in delicate movement, 'Pathways to A Self'. Images like these can be so inspiring in fashion design; from moodboards and silhouette shapes to images on graphic tees and decorative corsages.