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Monday, 23 November 2009

Animal Jumpers

Animal Jumpers

After taking inspiration from Bret (from 'Flight of the Concordes') I have decided to do a post on animal jumpers which seem to have recently hit the fashion scene with a vengeance.

Urban Outfitters


And theres always ebay....


  1. Hi Colette, I love animal jumpers. Do you think they'll stay in fashion over winter/spring next year? Are you making one as part of your fashion course this semester?
    Hazel xxxxx

  2. hi hazel thank you for your comment, I think they will become a sort of cult classic and hopefully stay around for next season although they might be made from a lighter knit or jersey. I havent designed or made anything with the animal theme this year but thanks for the idea I will definately consider it in the future-Colette xxx

  3. Hey, I really like these animal jumpers, I sort of get a 'geek chic' feel from them combined with the heavy knit christmas jumpers we all know and love! Will definitely be on the look out for something warm and animal-esque this winter!